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LYFE Espresso Blend

Our LYFE espresso is created with some of the worlds premium growing regions for coffee beans such as Ethiopia, Brazil, Papua New Guinea & Honduras. Then is roasted in house to perfection with our secret recipe that brings out the natural oils for a caramelly aroma with notes of roasted almond and vanilla accents. This recipe creates the best espresso blend in the PNW. 

Wanting to purchase our espresso blend? Call now and we can get you LYFE coffee beans for your own home! 

LYFE House Blend

Our LYFE house blend is roasted to perfection with a mixture of beans from Costa Rica and Mexico. This is a medium roast that has a combined sensation of a nutty and soothing aroma that smells fresh and tastes like you need another cup. 

Call today and order a bag of our house blend to experience the luxury of LYFE coffee in your own home.

LYFE White Coffee

What is white coffee?  This is where coffee beans are roasted for less time and at a lower temperature. This creates a very nutty and sweet profile that contains a higher caffeine percentage due to less caffeine being roasted out. White coffee tastes completely different from espresso, if you haven't tried it yet...it's a must. 

Roasting is an art that we take pride in and we are very thrilled to share this recipe with all of you! Call today and order white coffee beans to go!

LYFE Decaf Espresso

Sensitive to caffeine but don't want to give up the taste of great coffee? We have got you covered. LYFE offers a delicious, full body decaf roast for espresso AND drip coffee so you can enjoy coffee without the caffeine effects. This blend offers a balanced acidity leaving a smooth taste in your mouth that will bring you back for another.

Call today to order beans by the pound to have in your own home! You might even want to buy a bag for the aroma this blend creates, leaving your house smelling like a Sunday morning. 


Customer feedback is so important to us and we appreciate all the kind words. 


“Great ownership and staff. Every detail has been examined and they are eager to serve a fresh cup of coffee and a well priced meal. Support of local artists is inspiring..”

-Isaac M.

"Nice clean, comfortable hip atmosphere. The revamp keeps the original feel of the place with a little more modern edge.
They have the complete line of dairy alternatives for those of us that can’t do dairy. Soy, almond, coconut, hemp, macadamia, oat.
Great food menu. Incredible and friendly staff.
I will definitely be giving these good people my business.”

-Jennifer S.

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